If you first enroll at TU Berlin, please submit this application in parallel to you enrollment. Thank you for your cooperation and patience and we hope to see you in our office hours again soon! 4 Berliner Hochschulgesetz (Semesterticket-Satzung) Author: Freitagsrunde Subject: Die Studierendenschaft erhebt von allen Studierenden, die Mitglied der Studierendenschaft an der Technischen Universität Berlin sind, Beiträge zum Semesterticket. Due to the restricted operation at the TU, our office hours are Due to restricted operations at TU Berlin, we are currently not holding in-person office hours. Die neue Plastikkarte hat ein integriertes Semesterticket - ein E-Ticket. [more], https://www.change.org/SemTix365-BerlinBrandenburg, https://www.studsek.tu-berlin.de/menue/studierendenverwaltung/semesterticket/, https://asta.tu-berlin.de/en/social-and-bafoeg-counseling/, processing of exemption and grant applications, helping you with questions concerning the Semesterticket. In special circumstances, you can submit an application for exemption from the Semesterticket fee to the Semesterticket Office. The Office of Student Affairs/Campus Center handles these cases. The Semesterticket Office is a collective institution of the TU Berlin, UdK, and Alice Salomon Hochschule AStAs. unirad - selbsthilfewerkstatt der tu berlin berlin location • unirad - selbsthilfewerkstatt der tu berlin berlin address • unirad - selbsthilfewerkstatt der tu berlin berlin • ... Fahrrad und co. The core subjects taught through various undergraduate, graduate and Pos… 14:00, Dear applicants,      Currently TU Berlin is operating essential-only presence due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Your student ID with integrated Semesterticket serves as your travel pass. It can no longer be activated with this student ID. The Technical University of Berlin (TU Berlin) campus encompasses an area of 149 acres. You can reach us by phone during our office hours: Wednesday & Thursday 10:00 – 12:00, 10:00 The Ministry for Infrastructure and Planning as well as the Administration for Environment, Traffic and Climate Protection have decided to even out the increased price of the semester ticket. Large 2 rooms apartment in Chausseestraße 131, 10115 Berlin. She is a licensed architect and urban planner, and co-founder of COBE in Copenhagen with Dan Stubbergaard (2005- 2012) and COBE Berlin (2012), a practice focusing on architecture, urban planning, public space design, and research. Deadline extended until 20 August 2020 (winter semester 2020/21) The deadline for applying for a grant from the social fund is either the re-registration deadline (for students who are re-registering), or six weeks after enrollment (for first-year students). Carlow studied architecture at TU Berlin and TU Delft (1995-2002). You need to be able to demonstrate when doing so that payment of the fee would cause you considerable hardship. Juni 135, 10623 Berlin, Germany. In summer semester 2019, TU Berlin introduced the new student ID (campus card) with a new type of Semesterticket. Interested. Hide Map. It is a corporate body with legal capacity of … The new plastic card has an integrated e-ticket, your Semesterticket or public transportation pass. Hosted by AStA TU Berlin. Fax (030) 314 – 28162. Hardship case. Updated: 01.07.2020 1/2 Valid for periods of academic leave during summer semester 2020 and winter semester 2020/2021. semesterticket{at}asta.tu-berlin.de Fax (030) 314 – 28162. Phone (030) 314 – 28038. Stock, zu erreichen mit den Aufzügen im Foyer) Postadresse. D-10623 Berlin (Germany) Telephone switchboard +49-30-314-24694 Fax +49-30-314-24067 Email studentmobility@international.tu-berlin.de Homepage www.international.tu-berlin.de Head of Section Uta Kirchner Student Mobility and International Students – Int SB 1 - Email: uta.kirchner@ tu-berlin.de ERASMUS Institutional Coordinator Zusatzticket zum Semesterticket Berlin). As of summer semester 2019, the new Student ID card (campus card) with a new type of semester ticket will be introduced.. Your public transportation pass is invalid once your enrollment has been terminated. Telefon (030) 314 – 28038. – The Semesterticket is your public transportation pass for Berlin (fare zones A, B, and C). Your student ID with integrated Semesterticket serves as your travel pass. More than a year ago. Please note the deadline. In case of a ticket inspection, you will have to pay a fine.The ID's validity (e.g. Berlin is very flat, and it has a big network of bike paths. Access to the office is therefore restricted. An application for exemption from the semester ticket fee for the summer semester 2020 or winter semester 2020/2021 are to be submitted via this contact form. Explore the city and enjoy the TU Berlin campus- right in the heart of one of the most exciting cultural capitals in Europe. The integrated Semesterticket will already be activated. Social Counseling may also help you:https://asta.tu-berlin.de/en/social-and-bafoeg-counseling/, TU-Hauptgebäude, TU Main Building, rooms H 2130a-33 (new building, 2nd floor, can be reached with the elevators in the foyer), Technische Universität BerlinI A STB SemesterticketbüroStraße des 17. Please inquire with your bank in advance about possible fees. Alle anderen Konditionen wie Preis, Mitnahmeregelungen usw., bleiben unverändert (siehe VBB-Tarif Teil C, Zeitlich und örtlich begrenzte Sonderregelungen, 1.5. Please only submit this form only once in a semester and not in the Office of Student Affairs and the Semesterticket Office in parallel. If you are applying due to absence, health, or company ticket, please send us the application form as a pdf via email. Juni 135 10623 Berlin. The exemption will be valid for the same time like your pass for severely disabled / handicapped person. Semesterticket-Satzung der Technischen Universität Berlin gemäß § 18a Abs. Share this event with your friends. E-Mail-Adresse. Therefore the social counseling team at studierendenWERK BERLIN provides an overview online and advises you on your personal finance mix. We are unable to conduct business as usual and delays in processing your application are, unfortunately, unavoidable. The city is known for the high share of cycling in commuter traffic (36%), its wide cycling lanes (in Copenhagen 2,5-2,8 metre wide cycling lanes are the new standard, … We will send you a letter if there are news for you. Das Semesterticket ist für Studierende, deren Fachhochschulen und Universitäten mit den VBB-Verkehrsunternehmen und dem VBB einen Semesterticketvertrag abgeschlossen haben. Study financing is usually a mix of several financing options. You can send us your questions via email. Learn German, participate in one of our exciting summer courses, e.g. We appreciate your understanding. We´re fighting for a fair semesterticket (365€ per year)! TU-Hauptgebäude, TU Main Building, rooms H 2130a-33 (new building, 2 nd floor, can be reached with the elevators in the foyer) Postal Adress. Sie erhalten automatisch bei der Erstimmatrikulation oder Rückmeldung zum Semesterbeginn alle nötigen Informationen, wie sie an das Ticket gelangen. The current ID card will be replaced by a new card with an integrated electronic Semesterticket. 256 talking about this. Please sign our petition to support our claim!https://www.change.org/SemTix365-BerlinBrandenburg. In case of a ticket inspection, you will have to pay a fine. Your student ID will not be confiscated. If your Semesterticket could not be read electronically during an inspection, you will receive a receipt with a transaction number from the respective transportation company. The Semesterticket of Universität Tübingen is valid on all buses and trains in the NALDO public transport network. Request of Exemption from mandatory Semesterticket Fees Line I hereby request to be exempt from the mandatory payment of the Semesterticket fees according to §18a Section 4, BerlHG of Semesterticketsatzung der TU Berlin. Contact form for semester ticket exemption. New students: After successfully enrolling, you can upload a photo to your TUB account (tuPORT) and initiate the creation of your student ID. Stock, zu erreichen mit den Aufzügen im Foyer) Sprechzeiten: 1,4 % des Semesterticket-Beitrages von allen Studieren-Mo, Mi und Do: jeweils 10-14 Uhr Di: 12-16 Uhr Fr: 10-12 Uhr Postadresse: Technische Universität Berlin Semesterticketbüro Straße des 17. The old IDs are no longer valid as of 01.04.2019. Dabei handelt es sich um die sogenannte "fahrcard" des Verkehrsverbunds Berlin-Brandenburg (VBB). We apologize for the delay. Dear students, An application for exemption from the semester ticket fee for the summer semester 2020 or winter semester 2020/2021 has to be submitted via this contact form. Important information about exemption from mandatory Semesterticket fees (TU students only): If you are applying for exemption due to a semester of leave (Urlaubssemester) or your degree program (Studiengang), please upload a scan of your application form here: https://www.studsek.tu-berlin.de/menue/studierendenverwaltung/semesterticket/ . Kontakt, Index und weiterer Service Last Update: 14.09.18 The deadline for handing-in grant request applications expired on 20.08.20If you are newly registered at university you can hand in your application till 15.01.2021. The tariff area of the Verkehrsverbund Berlin-Brandenburg includes the federal state of Berlin and the state of Brandenburg with its administrative districts and independent cities of Brandenburg, Cottbus, Frankfurt (Oder) and Potsdam.Berlin and the surrounding regions are divided into fare zones a, b and c gegliedert.. TU-Berlin Hauptgebäude. 2020-05-07T18:16:14+02:00 Kaufi daniel.kaufmann@campus.tu-berlin.de Add Semesterticket-Satzung without links, as there are changes to come in following AMBl. You can find us in the TU Berlin Main Building close to the Campus Center. Payable for winter semester 2020/21 is … pin. This means that students do not have to pay more for their ticket in an already difficult time. Hosted by. However, in some cases, students are automatically exempt: Juni 13510623 Berlin, The General Students’ Committee (the AStA, short for Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss) represents the students of the Technische Universität Berlin. Seit dem Sommersemester 2019 hat die TU Berlin auf den neuen Studierendenausweis (Campuskarte) und damit auch auf eine neue Art des Semestertickets umgestellt.. The legal basis for charging these fees and contributions may be viewed here. However, the full required sum must be deposited into TU Berlin’s account in order to successfully re-register. Straße des 17. All students registered with the TU Berlin form the organised student body, which is given its statuary role by the Berlin Higher Education Law, which defines in its § 18, Clause 1: 'Registered students of a higher education facility form a student body.